Saturday, June 11, 2011


Slowly into Winter

the leaves slowly cascade down
to the ground
as winter turns slowly to winter

the wind blows them around
untill the cold freezes them to the ground
as winter turns slowly to winter

i return each year to find my leaf lying here
each spring it renews it's promise
this year i didn't wait! after the first spring storm
from its branch it was torn, it lied to me again

so this fall, before the free winds blew
i went to my tree and picked the loveliest leaf icould find
and kept it with mine
untill winter turned slowly to spring

It has been some time since I posted last. I get a bit slack when I have not really finished any projects :). I have been working on a design project so there has not been much time for stitching. 

Today was a rest day and a drive to the great lake was taken. The video below is just a quick one that I made to show the beautiful scenery of the Tasmanian Highlands.

During the trip, a pit stop to Deloraine to a little quilt shop called "Fresh Fabric" which was nice. There was a lot of really different fabrics there and of course I could not resist and came back with some fat quarters :).

Another interesting purchase made was the other day in town. This book shown below which showcases some of the blue ribbon crocheted Afghans from American state fairs. They are really beautiful and patterns are included.

The lovely Afghan below is from the book and destined to be my next crochet project after I finish my granny square one that I am currently working on.