Friday, July 1, 2011


Every now and then it is really nice and beneficial to just go somewhere natural. To be out in nature is for me something essential.

A long walk the other day to Tamar Island wetlands reserve was really refreshing and peaceful. Sounds of birds and stillness add to the experience of complete peace and serenity.

Flocks of geese on the plains calmly sitting and foraging through the grass. Although hard to see in the photo, blue wrens kept them company.

An old bridge or jetty rotting away, the sun just above the horizon before setting. Kormarants sitting on the posts spotting fish to eat perhaps.

Late afternoon as the sun sets to the west, black swans all settling down for the night on the mud flats. Only in pairs they sit as the tide goes out. True love and companionship between them.

A pair of swallows passing by me closely watching what I was doing on the bridge at that time.