Saturday, March 16, 2013


Not long now before I set off for my epic adventure to the United States. I will be spending 9 weeks on the road traveling from one end to the other, in between and all over.

I will not be posting on my blog during that time but will share stories when I return with images on Facebook. The link is in my profile.

There will be lots of quilt shop visits and sight seeing. I am looking forward to Pennsylvania the most and in seeing Amish life and all things to do with quilting.

So goodbye for now but not forever and I will see you all in June.

Take care
until next time 
Marina ♥


Thursday was a great day at LPQ. We had a fabric postcard workshop. Here are some images of what people have made. They are so easy to make and very effective and interesting. Endless possibilities not just postcards. They could be used as birthday or other greeting cards, book marks and note cards.

These two are my first attempts. I made the wren one first but the edging was really dodgy. The second one turned out much better.
Its a great way to use up scraps and really special fabrics.

Until next time
Marina ♥

Saturday, March 9, 2013


"The old threads are unraveling,
Get your needles ready. 
We are stitching a new quilt 
of humanity.

Bring your old t-shirts,
worn out jeans, scarves, 
antique gowns, aprons, 
old pockets of plenty
who have held Earth's treasures, 
stones, feathers, leaves,
love notes on paper. 

Each stitch 
A mindful meditation. 
Each piece of material 
A story.

The more colour the better, 
so call in the tribes. 
Threads of browns, whites,
reds, oranges
Women from all nations
start stitching.

Let's recycle the hate, the abuse, 
the fear, the judgment. 
Turn it over, wash it clean, 
ring it out to dry. 
It's a revolution
of recycled wears. 

Threads of greens, blues, purples
Colourful threads
of peace, kindness, 
respect, compassion
are being stitched
from one continent to the next 
over forests, oceans, mountains. 

The work is hard
Your fingers may bleed. 
But each cloth stitched together 
Brings together a community. 
A world, our future world
Under one colourful quilt. 
The new quilt of humanity."

Happy International Woman's Day
Until next time 
Marina ♥