Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today and yesterday have been really productive days for me.  I have been having fun with a layer cake and a moda bake shop free pattern (see the link in the side bar ----->).

It was really easy to do and fun as well.  Now it just needs to be quilted.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The rain was pouring and pouring outside so for something different I decided to do something other than quilting or stitchery. .After seeing a website which is linked here  http://www.theenchantedgallery.com/paperdolls.html
I thought it would be fun to make a Goddess doll out of paper.

The Goddess
In Neo-pagan Witchcraft the Goddess is the very essence or central figure of the Craft and worship. She is the Great Mother, representing the fertility which brings forth all life; as Mother Nature she is the living biosphere of both the planets and the forces of the elements; she has roles of both creator and destroyer; she is the Queen of Heaven; and she is the moon. She possesses magical powers and is emotion, intuition and psychic faculty.

I used a rubber stamp with gold glitter embossing powder and coloured with watercolours.  This one will be used as a book mark. 

Monday, February 14, 2011


On Valentine’s Day, we think about
The people who are dear,
How much they add to life’s delight
Whenever they are near.

You’ve always been a total joy,
Such pleasant company,
I/We very much appreciate
Our compatibility!