Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It is a rare occasion that I am awake early enough to see the sun rise LOL. So good morning sun! 

Today was spent working on my quilt so here is just a little progress to show for today's sewing at home. I have finished one side of the large diamond border on Mrs Billings Coverlet. It is now sewn onto the rest of the quilt.

I am really enjoying making this quilt, despite how slow and tedious it is to cut out all those pieces LOL. I am hand piecing the whole thing and will hand quilt as well.

One down and 3 sides to go and then onto the next part of this amazing quilt. I am looking forward to hand quilting at a later stage.

Until next time
Marina ♥

Sunday, November 18, 2012


It has been a great weekend for working on Mrs billings coverlet which is coming along slowly but surely. I have ordered some new patterns and a couple of books which I will share when they arrive. 

I have been cutting squares preparing for the next borders.

Thousands and thousands of little one and a half inch squares needed as well as triangles to go with them :)

An artistic view of the Tamar river at Rosevears taken during my afternoon walk yesterday. Taken with my Iphone and hipstamatic app which is one of my favorite camera apps.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable weekend whatever and wherever you are.

Until next time
Marina ♥

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I found this on Youtube! It is the Moda Schoolhouse recorded by The Fat Quarter Shop for the 2012 Fall quilt fair.

It goes for an hour but it is fantastic! 

Until next time
Marina ♥

Saturday, November 10, 2012


A quilter
By Larry Howland, Elsie, Michigan

A quilter brings us comfort
On the chilliest of nights,
With unseen hands she tucks us in
And softly dims the lights.

What many others throw away
She knows that she can use,
She brings together every square
Arranged in varied hues.

With simple needle and humble thread
And batts without form,
She sews each piece with tender love
To keep us snug and warm.

Source has helped her understand
The value of old things,
She swaddles us in memories 
Each precious to behold.


It was a beautiful day for an outing. So off I went to Carrick to the Quilts in the Garden event put on by the Devon Quilters and Hawthorn Villas. 

The hardest thing was deciding what pictures to post here as there was a view and vista around every corner. So here are a few snaps I took while there.

Everything was so lovely, the flowers were out as were the birds. 

This was one of the scenes when you entered the property. The quilt was stunning against the old bricks of the buildings. 

This was a really nice stitchery quilt. Each block was an image of a flower.

Every corner a view. This one was hidden behind a wall.

It was really exciting to see this quilt. I am currently making this same pattern. The one displayed here is Grandmas Garden 2. I am making Grandmas Garden 1.

The large quilt up here is called Pansy Park by Thimbleberries. Its enormous?

Going to places like this uplifts your spirits and inspires you to go out and do some stitching in your own garden so I will do after I post this blog :)

Here are a couple of links about the event and the place

Have a great weekend
Until next time
Marina ♥

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today's outing was to the town of Deloraine in Northern Tasmania. It is a yearly event that brings thousands of people to the town.

Artists and craftspeople exhibit all kinds of things, from paintings, ceramics, clothing and other things.

This year there were quilts from the Hoffman challenge. Very spectacular art quilts made using machine techniques.

Deloraine is a pretty town about one hour from Launceston. It's famous for many things including the Mersey river whichruns through it.

I have always had an interest or fascination for watercolour painting and art. There were many very talented artists at the fair. Awe inspiring in fact especially a lady who painted Australian birds with such detail they looked like photos. 

After the craft fair I decided to go for a drive to Mole Creek and stopped in at the Trawana Wildlife park to see the animals.

Mother Tasmanian Devil relaxing in the sun.

These are 2, 5 month old babies. They have only just come out of the pouch this Spring. They were so sweet and gentle, staying close to their mother.

Some of the purchases I made at the fair. One skein of possum wool, hand died and spun. it has a gold sparkle to it. Very pretty beanie to be made with this.

Some beautiful greeting cards of watercolour paintings by a very talented artist. 

Animal Spirit oracle cards. I am terrible for collecting oracle cards and tarot decks. I really have to stop gathering LOL but as is with fabric, you can never have too much.

The weekend has begun and will be a long one here in Tas. Monday is a day off as well. A beautiful time of the year to be doing anything outside. 

Until next time
Marina ♥